Sunday, January 9, 2011

Western by day Thai by night part 2 Breakfast and the roast

Yup we did it! we went western by day and had breakfast at Ped's. It was really nice. I had a vegan breakfast , which consisted of mushrooms, spinach,tomato, avocado and eggs on toast. It also came with a very nice hash brown. Mr. Coco had a omelet with smoked salmon. His looked nice as well. Very interesting concept having one by day and another type by night. It might just work around here as lots of ppl tend to do breakfast.

Sat night Mr. Coco cooked a lamb roast. Best roast ever. He tried a new way of cooking where he put water at the bottom of the roasting dish. He also put garlic and rosemary on the roast. In was fantastic, very very moist, not dry at all and very tasty. Of course the left overs were just as good :).

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