Monday, January 3, 2011

where is the simple things in life gone??

Mr coco and i were sitting back relaxing last night watching "Heston Blumenthal in search of perfection", a TV show where Heston makes his version of everyday dishes. Of course his versions are not exactly simple, think more along the lines of "lets cook this chicken for 6 hours after we have blow torched it and added herbs from the far reaches of the African jungle" . Its stuff you could never replicate at home unless you had a PHD in chemistry and a good travel agent.

All this got me thinking, what ever happened to just normal, simple foods. You know like the spag bol you would get at La Porcheta, or the Chicken Parma you know would be just that with no added extras. These days people tend to want to add things to everyday meals. Is there such a resturaant that just has "simple foods"? I'm sure there is, like pubs or RSL etc, but are they really simple?

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