Friday, January 7, 2011

Western by day Thai by night.....

Peds Kafe Western by day Thai by night ( I kid you not and yup Cafe with a I!!!) This is a new place that has opened up just near us. We decided to take our chances and do the Thai by night side of things. It is run by a very nice Thai man who is very enthusiastic about is food and service. His menu is just normal Thai stuff nothing different, but then again how different can Thai food be???. The food was good, pretty standard Thai food. Mine was a little salty but nice and Mr. Coco's Curry was nice. We are tempted to go back and try the "western by day" side of things. We had a look at the breakfast menu and that looked good so looking forward to trying it out sometime soon.

This afternoon I met up with my Cousin and went to Lindt Cafe. Only had an Iced Mocha, but it was very very nice. Like drinking liquid Lindt :) would defiantly like to try it out again and maybe have a dessert or 6 :)

Tonight we had a nice picnic in our local park. Chicken, Champagne and salad. Very nice, very relaxing and a nice way to end the week (and celebrate my work promotion).

OMG I think I just have seen the worst thing. watching Family Guy and they were all throwing up. ERGH .

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